2023 Republican St, Honolulu, HI 96819 (808) 845-9751


1) Free Exploratory work to provide accurate and firm pricing.

We will disassemble your motor at no charge.  This will eliminate any hidden repairs and change orders.  A report and suggested repairs will be given to you for your review.


2) Rewind and Repairing of AC/DC Motors, Generators and Armatures.

Our capabilities range from 110 to 7200 Volt motors. Rewinding and repairing of Armatures. Rewinding of fields and Interpoles.


3) Dynamic Balancing of rotors and impellers with computer generated reports.


4) Testing performed with calibrated equipment.

All of our equipment is compliant to perform military work and services.  Calibrated to provide dependable readings.


5) All work compliant with EASA & Mil Spec 009-17 and 009-32.

Whether its a standard scope of work or a more more detailed oriented military spec we will accommodate your requests.


6) 100% Guaranteed of our “Sako” Quality of craftsmanship.

All parts and Labor are 100% warranted for our Sako Quality craftsmanship.  Its simple, if we make a mistake we fix it.